Chelsea Newborn – Union Newborn Photographer

Most of you all know, I am a proud member of my local MOPs (Mothers of preschoolers – if you don’t know about it and have children, YOU TOTALLY NEED TO!) group at First Christian Church of Washington. Something I offer to my MOPs friends who are pregnant is a free mini hospital session with 10 free watermarked images! (I know, AWESOME right?) One thing about us MOPpers’ you should know, our group is constantly having new babehs which I LOVE!

Anyhoo, when Carman and I worked the booth at the T&C Fair I told her about my offer and today I did her photos. No these weren’t done in the hospital (I couldn’t get there in time) but I still honored my deal for a free mini session and she will still get 10 free watermarked images! Look at how beautiful here family is, newly so her gorgeous daughter Chelsea!

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Jayme + Jason = Love + (CJ + Savana + Dustyn) = Life

Last year at my local MOPS group (shout out to the mothers out there! ) I met a wonderful remarkable woman named Jayme.

Why remarkable you ask? Because Jayme had been through some of the most trying circumstances I have ever heard of; with 3 young children mind you; but she doesn’t even show it! She is full of laughter, smiles and good wishes and her children are little rays of light! Needless to say, calling her a friend makes me smile!

So when she asked me if I could photograph her, the children, and her wonderful new fiance (GO JAYME!) of course I was happy to do so! We had a blast tonight at Shaw Nature Reserve and it was easy to see the love between the group of them!

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$50 Photo Special! – Saint Louis Photographer

So here’s the deal. I am due with my 2nd child, a son named Leo, in January. Because babies are really unpredictable, I have been worrying about scheduling appointments in November, December, and January because I may or may not be able to complete those sessions. This is where you save big!

Here is the fine print. Any appointment scheduled for the next 3 months and paid for (must pay when booking) will receive their session fee at half price. That’s right, 1 hour for just $50 (weekday price $50 – weekend $75)!! Minimum order price still the same. By purchasing this deal, you are with the understanding that I may not be able to hold the session because of the pregnancy. If I am unable to hold your session, you will still be able to have your session at another time of your choosing. Sessions can be in your home, or weather permitting, at Tower Grove Park, Downtown Historic Washington, or Shaw Nature reserve.

Please note that if you have your heart set on appointments in the fall, and purchase this deal, you do understand that you may not get your preferred appointment, but that is why you are only paying half price! I will do my best to hold all appointments, but do reserve the right to reschedule based on how I am feeling throughout the end of the pregnancy, the birth of my son, or any other reason I deem fit. Again, you will be able to reschedule your appointment at no additional charge.

As a celebration for my excitement of my son (yay!!!) Any regular priced 2011 session pre-booked (and paid for) from now until the end of December will receive a set of 4x6s from their session absolutely FREE!!! Can you BELIEVE it!! This is a great time to stock up on sessions!

Call or email for more information!


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Wedding – Saint Louis Wedding Photographer

As you know, I have been “moonlighting” for 6 years as a wedding second shooter for a friend’s company. As the years have moved on, my role has been transformed from shoot here and there, to bridal assistant, to creative director, wedding party “herder” and everything in between. I love it, especially when I look through the images and I see these beautiful, GORGEOUS pictures!

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Sweet Mr J – Saint Louis Child Photographer

When I met Mr J for the first time in Tower Grove Park, I was absolutely smitten! He has feathery blonde hair and the bluest eyes I have ever seen! Pair that with his sweet expressions, chubby little cheeks and miles long eyelashes, and you have yourself one darling little boy!

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Doljanchi – Saint Louis Event Photographer

Last Saturday I had the honor and privilege of photographing a Doljanchi; a Korean tradition that celebrates the 1st birthday. It was incredible.

First a little history about a Doljanchi; In the past, the death rates for children were high and many children died before their first birthday, so it was an important milestone to the baby and parents. The whole village used to celebrate a baby’s first birthday, sharing foods and wishing for long life and fortune for the baby. The highlight is a Doljabi, where the child is place in front of many different items. The child then chooses and it is said to foretell their future.

When I arrived in the door, the first thing that I saw an amazing room full of paper flowers, rice candy, cupcakes, and photo confetti. The first thing I smelled was the most yummy (and I mean yummy) Korean food. The gift bags were piled high on the stairs, and laughter filled the air. Miss A’s mother came out in a tradition Korean gown, glowing and beautiful, Miss A matched with a traditional hanbok.

I watched with bewilderment and curiosity as the day went on, taking photos of everything I could. Miss A chose a tennis ball for her Doljabi – she is destined to be an athlete! The family graciously made me a plate of food to go, and I left with a new-found love for Korean traditions!

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Happy Circus Birthday Miss A – Saint Louis Child Photographer

Over the past year I have really gotten to know the S family while photographing Miss A for her “Baby’s First Year” Sessions. I have seen her grow from a smiley little baby, to a happy go lucky toddler! Each time I saw her she was full of smiles and personality, bright squinty eyes matched her big beautiful smile. I was thrilled when they asked me to photograph her momentous birthday. It was a pleasure to be part of this special day, and Mrs. S made sure every detail was taken care of in this Big Top Affair!

Then came the clown. At first little Miss A liked her, but then it got way too loud for her. This picture is the result.

Gotta love the crown!

The whole day wouldn’t have been possible if not for this sweet little girl.

Thank you for the wonderful  year!


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