Chelsea Newborn – Union Newborn Photographer

Most of you all know, I am a proud member of my local MOPs (Mothers of preschoolers – if you don’t know about it and have children, YOU TOTALLY NEED TO!) group at First Christian Church of Washington. Something I offer to my MOPs friends who are pregnant is a free mini hospital session with 10 free watermarked images! (I know, AWESOME right?) One thing about us MOPpers’ you should know, our group is constantly having new babehs which I LOVE!

Anyhoo, when Carman and I worked the booth at the T&C Fair I told her about my offer and today I did her photos. No these weren’t done in the hospital (I couldn’t get there in time) but I still honored my deal for a free mini session and she will still get 10 free watermarked images! Look at how beautiful here family is, newly so her gorgeous daughter Chelsea!

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One Response to Chelsea Newborn – Union Newborn Photographer

  1. Laura says:

    Beautiful work Liberty!!!

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